Hello my dears, today I am sharing this delicious breakfast.

I had in mind to make a breakfast that I could take with me at work, on the go or just to have it quickly in the morning, basically, the idea was to make the breakfast the day before to save time in the morning.

You will need just 6 ingredients to make this vegan jars, the idea is to make layers with the ingredients and then mix them a bit.

It tastes like heaven, it is super creamy, I love the sweetness of the raspberry jam with the salty peanut butter, to add a bit of texture the blueberries and chocolate work wonders, it is so delicious! Perfect to have it in the morning after a long run 🙂


2 vegan yogurts, 125g each

4 tsp peanut butter

4 tsp raspberry jam

4 tsp coconut syrup

2 tbsp grated dark chocolate

2 tbsp blueberries

preparation time: 10 minutes

total time: 10 minutes

serving size: 2 serves


Pour a layer of yogurt in a jar, then add 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, then add another layer of yogurt, top it with 2 teaspoons of raspberry jam, then the last layer of yogurt and finish it all with blueberries and grated dark chocolate, to add a bit more sweetness add the coconut syrup.

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