Here you will find the best vegan easy breakfast and brunch recipes to start the day right.
These recipe ideas are healthy alternatives to enjoy your breakfast or brunch and are 100% vegan.
You will find really tasty and quick options to make but the most important is that all of them are healthy and vegan.
I want to share with you a selection of my favorites bowls, toasts, jams and spreads, smoothies, and drinks.
I hope you like them.

These breakfast bowls are full of healthy whole food such as fruits, veggies, grains, seeds, and nuts that are the perfect combination with smoothies or açai to fuel you for the day ahead.

These toast are the perfect example that an healthy vegan breakfast or brunch could be also easy to make, quick, and tasty.
You have different alternatives to use for toppings in your toasts, avocado, peanut butter, jams, and spreads

These jams and spreads are a healthier and different alternative for the ones that you will find in the Supermarket. These recipes are easy to make with less than 5 ingredients, using fresh fruits and avoiding process sugars.

Smoothies and Juices are my favorite option to start the day. I made the perfect selection of natural juices and smoothies for your breakfast and brunches.
Here you will find different ideas to improve your diet such as detox ideas. With these healthy recipes, you will not need anymore to look for a "juice bar near me".