Nutella is one of my favourite foods at all time, with bread and banana on top, to me there is nothing better than that.

This recipe is insanely easy and delicious, it taste even better that the original Nutella! and you can tailor the sweetness to your taste so, you could create and extra sweet healthy vegan Nutella just adding more dates.

I love this recipe at any time but, usually I have it in the morning with some raw bread and banana, that’s the best way to start the day!


2 cups of hazelnuts

1/3 cup raw cacao powder

1/2 cup dates

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Serving Size: 1 cup


1 Bake the hazelnuts for 10′ at 170C.

2 Place in a food processor the hazelnuts, the cacao powder and the dates and blend them for 7′ until you get a creamy consistency. I love the consistency of this mixture but if you like more liquid you could add a bit of coconut oil or a bit of water.


Pour the Nutella in an airtight container, you can keep it at room temperature for one week.

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