Hi guys! Today I want to share with you the trick on how to make this curly sweet potatoes fries, I´ve seen everywhere this kind of curly sweet potatoes fries. They are quite easy to make, you´ll definitely will need a spiralizer, they are really delicious, crunchy and supercool. I´ve been dreaming to have this curly sweet potatoes fries so I though some of you would be interested in making them too.

You can have it as a side with anything really, for this recipe I just have them with some homemade ketchup and another sauce made of apple cider vinegar and paprika. Super tasty! I hope you like this delicious curly sweet potatoes fries!


2 medium size sweet potatoes

500 ml olive oil

1 tsp himalayan sea salt

total time: 40 minutes

serving size: 2 serves








Start by peeling your sweet potatoes, cut the end of the sweet potatoes and place them in a spiralizer.

You´ll need a spiralizer to make this delicious curly sweet potatoes.

Once you have all your potatoes spiralized, reserve them. In a pan, warm the olive oil, when start to bubbling then add the sweet potatoes, don´t put too much of the sweet potatoes at the same time or they won´t be crunchy.

Fry all the curly sweet potatoes, prepare a tray with some absorbent paper, as you go frying place the sweet potatoes on top of the absorbent paper in order to remove the excess of oil and sprinkle some salt.

You can have this curly sweet potatoes with any sauce that you like.

I hope this post has been useful! Let me know if you made them!


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