I love and enjoy eating vegan. I feel more energised, and I really enjoy the variety of flavours. I penned this book to share some of my favourite recipes with you to make a full week vegan with recipes that won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

I want to show you how delicious, healthy and nourishing it is to eat vegan. I really hope you like the book, and that it inspires you to eat healthy.

Stay healthy!


Hi everyone! I am Beli, welcome to My Vegan Beli, I’ve been writing this blog since March 2015 and love it and enjoy it more than I can possibly say, I hope you’ll love it too.

This way of eating it´s all about balance and variety, there is no deprivation at all, so there’s no fixed amount of dates, quinoa or tomatoes you have to eat in a day, we have all different lifestyles and different needs.

You can also adapt my recipes to your preferences and play around with the ingredients, just make sure you love what you are eating so then you´ll enjoy this way of nourishment!

I hope you enjoy our food recipes and thank you so much for stopping by!


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